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Ensure a better future for your business and your crops when you choose the baling film that delivers quality. 
Silawrap & Mima film works on all leading baling machines.


I make silage for dairy, beef and sheep farmers and they have to look at the cost per unit produced. Silawrap NRF and Silawrap produce a tighter bale that allows less air in than net. This means better quality silage producing more milk, beef and lamb

Martin O’Dwyer

I’ve used Silawrap NRF since day one after purchasing a film-on-film baler. It is a very strong, puncture resistant film, therefore giving every bale I make better shape and more protection. For me, I’ve tried all different Net Replacement Films and this is the best performing film.

Bryan Redpath

I have invested heavily in machinery to provide my customers with a quality service. Silawrap and Silawrap NRF are stronger than other products. They produce a more compact bale which has less air in it than bales wrapped with net. This means better quality silage for the farmer.

Brian Darragh

I used to use net and 4 layers of Silawrap. My contractor gave me the option of using Silawrap NRF. I tried it and my silage quality improved. I have less waste. More importantly milk production has increased. This is good for the bottom line. I always specify Silawrap NRF and Silawrap now, as it is worth the extra cost.

Senan Glynn

Ensilea has been involved in distributing Signode agricultural stretch film in France for the past 24 years. Product quality and after sales service has been excellent. I hope that my company can continue this business with Signode for another 24 years!!

G Dollet, Ensilea France

Making Quality Silage

Silawrap & Mima deliver the world's most respected silage baling film. It comes with a 12- month guarantee against UV degradation, features high UV stabilization and provides an airtight and weatherproof shield, when used according to instructions. It is available in black, green and white and is wound onto environmentally friendly cardboard cores.

Silawrap & Mima are recognised and accredited as quality brands by national and international accreditation bodies and most importantly, by our farming and contracting customers who, year after year, come back to buy Silawrap & Mima in volumes large and small. The production of Silawrap & Mima is a team effort. Our staff, whether they work in production, sales or product development, are dedicated, highly trained people with years of experience in manufacturing quality products.