Net Replacement Film (NRF)

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Product Summary

Silawrap NRF adds extra layers of film tight around the barrel of the bale. This improves the Oxygen Barrier. The extra layers lead to better bale storage and improved quality silage. This gives better animal performance leading to increased profits. 

Developed in 2015, Silawrap NRF & Mima NRF use plastic film instead of net to hold a bale together and works on combination baler/wrapper units like the McHale Fusion 3 plus.  In excess of 20 million bales have been made with these products.

Benefits for You

More Profitable Farming! 

Silawrap NRF is stretched onto the bale. Its elasticity and strength properties hold the bale together. This is vital to ensure correct wrapping. The film also helps to seal in the goodness of the forage and keep out air. 

  • Enhance Quality with the improved Oxygen barrier NRF film provides 

  • Reduce Mould on crops, adding extra film onto the bale reduces damage and risk from vermin.  

  • Labour Saving, with the quality product there is no need to separate the net and film when opening the bales.  

  • Keep in Shape, Silawrap NRF supports the bale compressing tightly maintaining better shape during storage.  

Product Specification

Silawrap NRF is available in the following sizes: 

  • Roll length of up to 2000 metres
  • Roll width 1380 mm reccomended for grass silage
  • 1280 mm reccomended for maize silage 

Available in clear film, get in touch to find out how NRF can support your business.  

Product Downloads

Download brochures and leaflets regarding Silawrap Net Replacement Film (NRF), so you can find out more about our products when you are offline or have time to take a break. Available to download is a brochure on why NRF is best for your business and how to ensure the best usage.

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