Years Working with You 

We have over 15 years' experience working with silage film wrap from our manufacturing plant in Ireland. With a dedicated sales team ensuring all your product needs will be met and exploring how Silawrap can support your business.  

Silawrap products come through a traceable production process and are packaged in fully recyclable containers; committed to quality one in six silawrap rolls are checked in the plant before shipping to the customers. Dedicating time to ensure our customers are satisfied with the products provided.  

Our Crop Packaging Systems select the resin for elasticity and ability to provide stretch and strength. Using 100% C8 resins we ensure our product is more resistant to puncture and tears, overall providing the best quality film.  

We are so confident that Silawrap is the best product to support your business that we provide a 12 month guarantee on each Silawrap product.  

Working with You

Our Product Guarantee

Since 1996 Silawrap& Mima has been used in the wrapping of 400 million bales of fodder in Ireland, the UK, on the continent of  Europe from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, in Australia and New Zealand. The variety of crops wrapped by Silawrap & Mima includes whole crop, alfalfa, lucerne, maize and grass. It works equally well in hot and cold conditions and comes with a 12-month guarantee on the bale.

A robust product, Silawrap & Mima is 25 microns thick, is more difficult to puncture and provides superior protection from UV degradation. Each roll contains a minimum of 1500m of film with greater stretch and strength and less neck down, giving better overlap and seal than its competitors. More airtight it produces top quality silage delivering better profits for farmers.

Silawrap & Mima works on all models of wrapper and, with colour-coded roll-centres and a light cardboard core, it is easier to load. The packaging is fully recyclable and each roll is uniquely labelled to make it fully traceable. 

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