Instructions for Use 

Silawrap is a quality product designed to deliver quality feed for your stock. The proper storage, handling and application of Silawrap are vital parts of this quality chain.   All rolls must be handled with care and stored in a 20 to 30 degree heat for 48 hours prior to use. To get the best results it is advised all bales made are of similar shape with a uniform density. All bales should be wrapped within two hours of formation for the best results. When using the wrapper weather should be checked and wrapping should take place in optimal conditions without rain and without additional acids/chemicals.  

Silawrap should be applied to the centre of the flat part of the bale, ensuring an even application across the bale. The film should be stretched to no more than 70% and varied for the appropriate climate. 

Silawrap NRF should be streched no more than 18%, with a minimum application of 3.5 rotations per bale.  

Find out more in the PDF guide about:

  • Storage
  • Safety
  • Baling
  • Wrapping
  • Disposal 

To find out more download the following PDF. 


Setting Up the Bale Wrapper

To ensure the best performance of Silawrap the bale wrapper needs to be appropriately setup. Setting the film dispenser height, applying the correct number of turns and ensuring the belts on the rotary table are tight. These are crucial steps for best performance.  

To get the bale wrapper to apply six layers you will need to apply 24 rotations of film. This practice will ensure gases are less likely to escape maintaining the bale’s quality.  

The most important things to consider on the bale wrapper are:  

  • The rotations per bale
  • Even wrapping
  • Adjusting the film dispenser height
  • Belt Tension

To find out more download the following PDF